feature request: supply reasons for overriding alerts

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feature request: supply reasons for overriding alerts

Post by jerome » 30 June 2014, 05:55

"In addition, we required prescribers to supply reasons for overriding alerts to better understand their rationale."

Shah et al.: Improving acceptance of computerized prescribing alerts in ambulatory care. J Am Med Inform Assoc 2006;13:5-11. PMID: 16221941.

An optional feature to allow or require the prescriber to supply reasons for overriding critical or high-severity alerts would make it possible to collect data for the Open Interactions Committee and improve the alert engine by reducing irrelevant alerts. Irrelevant alerts cause alert fatigue and sometimes massive, uninformed overriding, or discontinuation of use of an EMR or CDSS (clinical decision support system).

Collection would be voluntary only, based on voluntary action of participants, with warning in the text box not to include identification, encrypted data and after consultation of an ethics committee.

This feature might become mandatory in some healthcare environment (hospitals, clinics), it has proved effective in numerous studies (see Shah et al. for further references) to reduce overriding of critical alerts that might be contrary to collective practice guidelines or rules.

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