FreeMedForms new version: 0.9.6, Debian Jessie amd64 reposit

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FreeMedForms new version: 0.9.6, Debian Jessie amd64 reposit

Post by jerome » 05 August 2015, 14:20


Source code package for FreeMedForms 0.9.6 (mainly FreeMedForms
Electronic Medical Record and FreeDiams prescription assistant and DDI
interactions checker) has been released. Learn more on the announcement
message on our mailing list:!topic ... c7n-goKwYA

For now, you have two possibilities to try the new version:

If you are a Debian Stable "Jessie" user (only amd64 architecture), try
our staging (testing) repository! More information on our mailing list:!topic ... XcuNIhRp4o

If you don't have access to a Debian Jessie amd64 OS, you will have to
wait until we release binaries for all supported OS (Debian, Ubuntu, Mac
OS X, Windows). If the Gods of qmake and make are with us, this should
be completed before the end of August...
Another solution is to encourage your favourite OS community to build
packages for the new version or... to do it yourself! We will do our
best to help all free and open source OS communities to have working and
up-to-date FreeMedForms binaries.



PS If you want to speed up the development of FreeMedForms (new features that you need, quick bug fixes) and quickly get binaries for last version 0.9.6 for all OS (Debian, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Windows) you can contribute time or money to our community project! Contribute time: Contribute money: Money goes to our not-for-profit association registered in France and will pay for faster hardware for developers and builders, for our servers and, if we get enough, for freelance developers to help us code new features or fix bugs. Thank you!

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