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Get involved!

Post by jerome » 03 April 2016, 00:58

Dear users and future users of FreeMedForms apps!

FreeMedForms was originally created to fulfil the needs of a French single-handed practice close to the general practice setting. Since day 1 its author thought about expanding its capabilities and make the app useful for group practice and other medical specialities. One thing I quickly learned when I began contributing modestly to the code base (Eric Maeker, the creator of FMF is still and by far the main contributor, having written more than 80% of current code) was that the multi-user features were not thoroughly tested. I started a project to adapt FreeMedForms to a maternity hospital one year ago and thanks to their testing and bug reports, the situation has improved a lot.

But... we still need to do more! If you use FreeMedForms to do your job, now is the perfect time to get involved. Don't keep quiet! If you consider that everything is ok and that FMF is a perfect and flawless EMR, let us know! Congratulations help free software developers remain enthusiastic about their work.
If you notice things that don't work properly, let us know. Do a bug report. It is as simple as sending an email or a post here on the forum.
If you need a new feature, let us know: we will do our best to code it. If you really need this new feature quickly, you can hire a developer (hundreds of companies or freelance developers all around the world could code it for you, some of them are already doing it on a daily basis) to write it for you and send us the result so that other users can benefit.

Contribute! Get involved! You need FreeMedForms even more than we do! A free software project needs a strong and dedicated community of users to support it!

:!: :arrow: 5 things you can do right now:
  1. Ask for a new feature
  2. Report a bug
  3. Donate
  4. Tweet about FreeMedForms
  5. Read about more things you could do to support your software.
Thanks for your enduring support!
Jerome Pinguet

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