[En] Single computer / single user installations using SQLite (without MySQL server) will soon become obsolete

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[En] Single computer / single user installations using SQLite (without MySQL server) will soon become obsolete

Post by jerome » 04 August 2016, 23:16

Dear Users,

This message is intended primarily for users that installed FreeMedForms EMR without MySQL server, with the single computer option.

How do I know if I use MySQL or not?
Go to Help, About databases, and click on any item of the list. If you see "Driver MySQL", you are not concerned by this future change.

If your "Driver" is not "MySQL" but "SQLite", please read on:

The single user / single computer environment in healthcare practice is becoming extremely rare and doesn't represent the future of EHR, EMR or PHR (Personal Health Records). Even for single handed practice, using MySQL has multiple advantages:

Speed: FreeMedForms is significantly faster with MySQL.
Possibility of concurrent remote access (more than one person accessing the data at the same time)
remote assistant
access to database during house calls or from home
access from our future mobile app (Android)
Possibility to add practitioners in the future (single-handed → group practice)
Allow for a temporary replacement healthcare professional to use his own computer to connect to databases

Maintaining SQLite support represents lots of development work that could be put to better use, such as creating new features.

MySQL server (Community Edition) is free and open source software that can be downloaded free of charge. If you are the only user of FreeMedForms in your practice, you can install it on your laptop or your PC workstation. If you want to be able to access the data from other computers 24/7 (possibly through the Internet) a better option is to install it on a separate headless computer called a server.

Read the documentation to learn more about installing MySQL: https://freemedforms.com/en/manuals/fre ... rver_mysql

In the next few months, we will release a new version of FreeMedForms that will include a tool allowing you to automatically transfer all your SQLite databases to MySQL server databases. This tool will be included in FreeMedForms menus.

After this tool is made available, the subsequent releases will stop supporting SQLite databases.

The next release FMF EMR 0.9.9 will still support SQLite and will not change anything for existing users, do not hesitate to upgrade.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you start preparing for the future change right now:

* upgrade your FreeMedForms EMR to the latest release (currently 0.9.8)

* be sure you will have the necessary resources and skills available to install and run MySQL server

* choose between installing MySQL on a server or on your current computer


Jérôme Pinguet

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