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translation languages

Posted: 28 September 2014, 17:27
by neri
hello to anybody,i'm new in this board, wish to know if there are persons who translates in italian actualy, i would like to join them.

Re: translation languages

Posted: 03 November 2014, 02:29
by jerome
Hello Neri!

Have you started the translation? Do you need any technical help with the Qt Linguist software or with the .ts files?

All the files you need to open with Qt Linguist are here: ... anslations

The relevant italian translation files all end with "_it.ts"

You can email them to Eric or me, or subscribe to GitHub, fork the FreeMedForms repository and make a pull request. Don't hesitate to send only a few files, even if they are only partially translated.

Maybe you could help us write a very small message in italian asking other people to join the translation effort? A version of less than 140 characters that could sent on Twitter would be perfect.

Grazie mille.